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1.) Interviews Agents, you’ll want a great real estate agent to help you in the process. Call Doug Hansen with Five Star Real Estate at 1-616-485-8955 for a great real estate agent. In most markets, your agent will be paid by the seller, not by you. From the onset, they can give you access to IDX properties and connect you with mortgage lenders for financing.

2.) Make a wish list of everything you would like in your home. Then narrow it down to “Must Have or we are not buying”

3.) Gather paperwork to begin qualifying for a loan

4.) Make a list of what is important for you in a neighborhood. Schools? Worship? Coffee? Do you want to live where there is a home owners association?

5.) Involve the family. What is on their wish list for a house? Does anyone care about one particular thing more than another. Sally wants a walk in Closet, James wants a 3 car garage, Michael wants a pool.

6.) Discuss budget. How much can you really afford to pay monthly for a house. Remember things like mortgage, HOA, Taxes, Home owners insurance, Home Warranty, Home Maintenance, Power and Gas increases and so forth.

Call Doug Hansen, an amazing agent 616-485-8955.