Things To Do In Grand Rapids on St Patrick’s Day

Not Sure What To Do? Here Are 3 Things To Do In Grand Rapids On St Patrick’s Day Are you looking for things to do in Grand Rapids on St Patrick’s Day? From boisterous pub crawls to lively parades, there’s nothing quite like St. Patrick’s Day in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids. It’s a … Continued

Grand Rapids Housing Market Trends

Recently the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors released their data for 2015 GRAR Home Sales Report and Update. This is one way to look into the future if you know what has happened in the past. If you don’t know the numbers for Grand Rapids homes for sales, sold, inventory and months of supply then … Continued

How Does Credit Effect Buyers In Grand Rapids

Anyways Matt let’s get going and the first question is “how does credit affect buying a home”? Hey Doug thanks for having me on. Credit effects buying a home in two ways. One quite simply is if you qualify for the mortgage program, you will have to have a certain credit score. Lenders and banks … Continued

Grand Rapids MI The Nation’s Hottest Housing Market

What’s Causing This Strong Grand Rapids Housing Market? Experts said the Grand Rapids housing market has increased by 8.5 percent. Why such a strong housing market? I believe that the number of properties that were underwater with their mortgages has finally passed and those homeowners are starting to get back on their feet and are purchasing … Continued

Closing Costs When Buying a Home

When you’re thinking of buying your first home, there are costs you might not have originally anticipated. When you make your offer, you may be asked for a good faith deposit that will come out of pocket. Also out of pocket is the down payment on your home, which is usually around 20 percent of … Continued

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations on deciding to look for your first home. Home-ownership is a part of the American Dream, and you’ve been dreaming about your perfect house for quite some time. Before you jump in head first into a pool of unknown waters, here are some tips for first time home buyers. Check Your Credit Fix your … Continued