Kent County

Picture of high rise buildings in Grand Rapids MIKent County in Michigan prides itself on diversity, a growing economy, and on being a hard-working community. There are twenty-one townships, nine cities, and five villages in Kent County encompassing 26 school districts, five intermediate school districts, as well as private schools and charter schools. Kent County Parks and Recreation manage 38 parks and open spaces. The commercial and industrial areas in Kent County, Michigan are some of the fastest growing in the United States. Kent County is a fabulous place to call home.

Kent County’s nine cities include Cedar SpringsEast Grand RapidsGrand RapidsGrandvilleKentwoodLowellRockfordWalker, and Wyoming. The twenty-one townships include AdaAlgomaAlpine, BowneByron CenterCaledoniaCannonCascadeCourtlandGainesGrand Rapids, Grattan, Lowell, Nelson, Oakfield, Plainfield, Solon, Sparta, Spencer, Tyrone, and Vergennes. The five villages include Caledonia, Casnovia, Kent City, Sand Lake, and Sparta.

Kent County encompasses 846 square miles in Michigan and is home to a population of around 629,200. 84 percent of the population is urban while 16 percent is rural. Average household income in Kent County is over $50,000. Average house values are around $137,500, and 84 percent of homeowners have enjoyed their homes for more than a year. Average mortgage is around $1,169 per month.

Kent County’s high temperatures annually are around 57.8 degrees, while the lows are about 40.3. The average temperature in Kent County, Michigan is 49.04. You’ll need an umbrella, and perhaps a pair of rain boots, as Kent County receives over 38 inches of rain per year, and a whopping 76 inches of snow.

The Rapid provides public transportation in Kent County. You can check route schedules online via the Rapid Connect System, or download the My Stop app on your smartphone. Buses do not run on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas. You’ll need to have exact change, or be prepared for change to be dispersed as a credit for future rides. Stand back on the sidewalk away from the curb as the bus approaches, and make sure you look at the sign on the front of the bus for route information. If you’re unsure of your route or need to make transfers, talk with the bus driver for assistance.

There are myriad things to do in Kent County, Michigan, including art galleries, museums, gardens, golf, restaurants, shopping, and more. Kent County, Michigan is a beautiful place for your household to call home.

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